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Types of Shoppers

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Modern-day retailers have to engage with quite varied types of shoppers. But no matter what type of shopper you are, you are definitely gonna enjoy shopping with OOFFRR APP.

OOFFRR has got the best shopping deals, and discounts. Shopping happiness is just one download away from you.

While shopping we switch into different modes of ourselves. Let us discuss the various types of shoppers that exist:

1) Loyal Shoppers:

Loyal Shoppers-OOFFRR

Loyal Shoppers are those who frequently pay visits to a particular shop for their particular needs and do not switch to any other shops, no matter how many shops for the same category runs in the market. There is quite a large number of people who belong to this category.

2)Bargain Hunters:

Bargain Hunters-OOFFRR

Bargain Hunters are the type of people who always ask for the price lower than the MRP of the product. No matter what price is told by the shopkeeper, they would always crib about the price. Most of the times they succeed in buying the products or services at their desired rates.

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3) The Wanderers:

The Wanderers-OOFFRR

Wanderers are the type of persons who aimlessly enters into any shop and check out everything lying there as if they are about to buy any of those products. They do not have any objective of purchasing actually but enquire about all the products’ rates, size, colour, durability, etc.

4) Looking for Discounts:

Looking for discounts-OOFFRR

These are the type of genre who make their shopping decisions on the basis of the size of markdowns. More the discounts are offered, stronger would be their urge to purchase the item. Keywords such as exclusive discounts, offers, deals, OFF always mesmerize them.

5) Window Shoppers:

Window Shoppers-OOFFRR

Window shoppers are the kind of persons normally found in shopping malls and alike places. There they just check out the items from outside the shop windows. They often appear in groups or pairs and walk or roam around the place to admire the items put on display and end up leaving the place empty-handed.

Here is a big shout out to all the types of shoppers, there is always a room for all in the OOFFRR App. Through OOFFRR App, you can manage to control your pockets and take a dive into the world of “EARN LESS, SHOP MORE”.

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