Sweets to enjoy in Janmashtmi

India is one diversified land of festivals, cultures, traditions, and foods. As Krishna Janmashtmi is round the corner, this Hindu festival is incomplete without mouth-watering sweets or delicious desserts. Janmashtmi is celebrated to mark the birthday of Lord Krishna. He was fond of Makhan (butter), therefore the dairy products are greatest offers to Lord Krishna on Janmashtmi.

Chapan Bhog (56 different dishes) is being prepared to offer God on Janmashtmi. Therefore, Food, sweets, and celebrations are the core essence of this pious festival.

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Here is the list of the sweets which you should definitely have on the occasion of Janmashtmi:

1) Peda:


Peda is the most acclaimed sweet of Krishna Janmashtami which is made of milk, saffron, sugar and dry fruits. You have to visit Vrindavan, the place of Shri Krishna, and indulge yourself if you want to attempt the best ones.

2) Srikhand:


Srikhand is a sweet dish which is made of churned curd and powdered sugar added to it. The taste increases when lots of dry fruits and a pinch of Kesar are added to it. It can be best enjoyed with puri.

3) Coconut Laddoo:


As the name is saying it all, these laddoos are made up of grated coconuts mixed with condensed, sweetened milk and powdered sugar. Once these laddoos will get into your mouth, it will melt at once in your mouth.

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4) Rabri:


Rabri is a traditional Indian dessert. It is frequently a part of festivals and celebrations. Rabri is essentially the dense, creamy residue left behind after the milk is evaporated.

5) Rasmalai:


Rasmalai is made of paneer, milk and lots of dry fruits and cardamom powder & Kesar is added to the add the awesome fragrance to the delicious dumpling balls of rasmalai.

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