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Popular Markets covered by OOFFRR in New Delhi

OOFFRR majorly covers a bountiful of popular markets in the heart of India, New Delhi. These are the places where one could not stop oneself from shopping. And here we bring you shopping with loads of discounts. To get the best offers on all lifestyle needs, you must switch to OOFFRR. Here we are attaching the details of all of our clusters in which we are operating.


ooffrr-city centre

City Centre Mall is in Sec-12, Dwarka, adjacent to metro station, a great comfort for all the visitors having famous mouth watering restaurants and food joints under one roof. Perfect place to spend time with friends and family.

To check out the offers running in City Centre Mall: https://www.ooffrr.com/City/cluster/City-Centre-Mall

Ashirwad Chowk

ooffrr-ashirwad chowk

Ashirwad Chowk, a good place in dwarka, sector 12 for shopping and having great food. Having more than 10 supermarkets, large number of restaurants, and plenty of branded outlets. A place one would prefer to go for shopping.

To check out the offers running in Ashirwad Chowk: https://www.ooffrr.com/City/cluster/Ashirwad-Chowk

Ramphal Chowk Market

ooffrr-ramphal chowk

Ramphal Chowk is the biggest high street Market in Dwarka, Sector 7 with all the famous brands. It consists of more than 100 grocery shops, 10 super markets, various branded outlets, cosmetic shops and salons.

To check out the offers running in Ramphal Chowk Market: https://www.ooffrr.com/City/cluster/Ramphal-chowk-market

Palam Market

ooffrr-palam market

Palam Market offers you with wide range of categories, it is famous for its local market. You can enjoy the street food as well while shopping. You could get all you want at one market. Quality product at reasonable price.

To check out the offers running in Palam Market: https://www.ooffrr.com/City/cluster/Palam-Market


ooffrr-vikaspuri market

Vikaspuri is considered to be the high class posh market. There are a large number of small markets that are connected. This market mostly have shops of each category serving the best quality products.

To check out the offers running in Vikaspuri Market: https://www.ooffrr.com/City/cluster/Vikaspuri

Subhash Nagar

ooffrr-subhash nagar

Subhash Nagar market is very well known market located at centre of New Delhi. It has a very good connectivity. Having great super markets, branded outlets and local shops. Can be a great shopping point for shoppers.

To check out the offers running in Subhash Nagar Market: https://www.ooffrr.com/City/cluster/Subhash-Nagar

Uttam Nagar Market

ooffrr-uttam nagar

Uttam Nagar Market is a well developed and very well connected to metro, buses and airports.The whole market is surrounded by large number of good restaurants, local as well as branded outlets, malls and retail chains.

To check out the offers running in Uttam Nagar Market: https://www.ooffrr.com/City/cluster/Uttam-Nagar-Market

Patel Nagar Market

Patel Nagar Market is a very prime location in New Delhi. It is very conveniently accessible from all parts of Delhi. Suitable location with lots of facilities like markets, schools, malls, hospitals,metro station, bus depot and institutes. Very good locality in terms of safety.

To check out the offers running in Patel Nagar Market: https://www.ooffrr.com/City/cluster/Patel-Nagar-Market

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