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OOFFRR now in Jamshedpur

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OOFFRR has successfully covered major parts of Delhi. Now, it has spread its wings to the state of Jharkhand. Let us take the opportunity to take you to the journey of OOFFRR’s new cluster.


Jharkhand is a state in eastern India which is popular for its abundance of mineral resources. Many industries are set up in Jharkhand, Tata Steel is among one such industry, which is set up in Jamshedpur.

Jamshedpur City


Jamshedpur is the first planned city of India in Jharkhand. As mentioned above, it is home to the world’s eighth largest steel manufacturing company, Tata Steel.

OOFFRR is also operating in Jamshedpur city now which means you can enjoy the best shopping deals in Jamshedpur city. The first cluster which is opened by OOFFRR, is Bistupur Market of Jamshedpur city.

Bistupur Market

ooffrr-Bistupur Market

Bistupur Market in Jamshedpur city is famous for many branded complexes and shopping centres. This market is a perfect destination for those who are looking for good-quality products for their lifestyle needs. You will enjoy here every moment of shopping as you can avail lots of discounts in Bistupur Market through OOFFRR APP.


ooffrr-Remedi Pharma

Remedi Pharma in Bistupur is a medical shop which deals in medicines and health care products. It has recently got on boarded with OOFFRR. Now a days the price of medicines are touching the sky. Don’t worry as we have got your back. You can avail the following discounts on medicines too with the OOFFRR APP.

5% Discount on Shopping from ₹ 50   — to —  ₹ 500 
7% Discount on Shopping from ₹ 501   — to —  ₹ 1000
10% Discount on Shopping from ₹ 1001   — to —  ₹ 1500
10% Discount on Shopping from ₹ 1501   — to —  ₹ 2000
12% Discount on Shopping from ₹ 2001 and above

Download the OOFFRR App, Redeem the offers and Enjoy the discounts.

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