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This is the very first blog by OOFFRR or let’s call it the Introductory Blog. OOFFRR Discount ka Counter is a hyperlocal shopping app where one would get amazing discount on multiple categories including your all lifestyle needs. This is the revolutionary app that lets you discover and grab those heavy discount which are just a click away from you.

Nowadays, nothing comes inexpensive. So in this world of expensiveness, OOFFRR has brought you the platform where there are loads of discount on all our favourite categories in our preferred nearby markets.

To check out the shops offering discounts in New delhi: https://www.ooffrr.com/City/cityname/22/New-Delhi

How it works?

How OOFFRR works

Once you will download the app, you just have to choose the desired offer, redeem that and get the shop details. Your Ocash will add up when the shopkeeper will accept your offer OTP. Also you can check the pending offers in ODeals section in the app. 

Be ready to take a deep plunge into fun filled journey with our app.

To know more about OOFFRR click on the link: https://www.ooffrr.com

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