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How to dress up in this Summer

The scorching heat of the Summer Sun is definitely making the temperature rising as ever. Though we cannot control the soaring temperature, we can definitely prevent ourselves from this. We can dress aptly to beat the summer heat. Summer fashion is no less than the hottest topic right now.

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Here we have come up with some basic ideas on how to dress up in Summer –

1) Loose Dresses:

Loose Dresses

Loose dresses are definitely in this summer. It will not stick to your body and there will be fewer chances for the sweat patches to be seen on your dress which makes you feel nothing but all confident.

2) Cotton Fabrics:

Cotton Fabric-OOFFRR

Cotton is our best friend in summer. Anything made up from cotton fabric can be worn without any doubt. As cotton soaks up all our sweat and keeps us sweat-free like no other fabric does.

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3) Sleeveless Dresses:

Sleeveless Dresses-OOFFRR

We feel less heat in sleeveless dresses as our underarms remain bare. The sleeveless dresses are super comfy and relaxing in itself and easy to carry. You can pair a sleeveless top with denim or wear a sleeveless midi dress.

4) Colorful Scarves:

Colorful Scarves-OOFFRR

Scarves are the multi-purpose accessory that we can carry in summers. On the one hand, it styles your overall look and on the other hand, it refrains you from the harmful UV rays of the Sun and prevents your skin from tanning.

5) Breathable Footwear:

Breathable Footwear-OOFFRR

We should wear footwears in which our toes and skin can breathe. In summer, we should mostly wear footwear made from porous, breathable, man-made fibers, such as canvas and leather.

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Have a Happy and relaxed Summer 🙂

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