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How to dress up in Monsoon

Monsoon is the most beautiful of all seasons. But it’s also a dreaded season of fashion mishaps that might happen with sudden rain brushes. But that doesn’t imply you have to go for rainwear that looks drab. Simply put on your thinking caps and see how you can dress for the monsoon season without compromising your fashion quotient.

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Take a look at the tips and tricks mentioned below, and you’ll be amazed how simple it is to dress in for the monsoon season.

1) Shorts or Capris:


When the rains arrive, shorts, capris or even brief skirts would be your best bet in bottom wear garments. Also, shorts remain secure from splatters when your shoes all go splashy. You could go for short palazzos or cropped pants for less casual occasions.

2) Dark Colors:

Dark Colors-OOFFRR

Show the season’s closed door to pastels and whites. It’s the perfect time for the darker hues such as dark blue, brown and gray sort of colors. The reason behind this is darker shades of color do a better job of hiding water and mud stains, a prevalent problem faced by females, dressing for monsoon.

3) Loose tops:

During the monsoon, wearing heavy fabrics can be a nightmare as they tend to get heavier when they get wet. Therefore, say goodbye to the lengthy kurtas until there’s rain. Choose brief Kurtis or light T-shirts instead. Fabrics such as lycra and polyester are excellent options because in this climate they are known to be wrinkle-free.

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4) Light Jewellery:

Light Jewellery-OOFFRR

 Just imagine, in a sudden shower you got totally drenched, and at the same time, you’re wearing heavy jewelry. Sounds bad, isn’t it? Therefore, for the rains, you should skip on the heavy jewelry and go for minimal, delicate and light jewelry. You can wear something as easy as a declaration neckpiece, a wide cuff or tiny studs.

5) Canvas Totes:

Canvas Totes-OOFFRR

During the monsoon, leather bags are a big no-no, but most of us already understand that thanks to our colleagues and elders ‘ endless reminders. You can choose from a wide range of choices like canvas totes, transparent hobos, or a faux-leather clutch. All of the mentioned options are both convenient to use and long-lasting during the monsoon.

Upgrade your Monsoon Fashion to the next level and keep the above styling tips in your mind to look the best version of yourselves.

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