Enjoy Holi with OOFFRR

Enjoy this Holi with OOFFRR

The festival of colours, HOLI 2019, has arrived again. OOFFRR is wishing you all a very happy and safe Holi.

Every year we wish everyone with loads of good wishes, the common of all of them, is “Have a Happy and Safe Holi”. In this blog, you all will get to read how to make your Holi, actually safe and happy.

Happy Holi

First, let us talk about how we all can play Safe Holi:

  1. Use herbal colours and natural home made colours.
  2. Avoid chemical colours as it may cause great damage to your skin and hair.
  3. Try to pack your hair with a shower cap while playing Holi as it will protect your hair from getting damaged.
  4. Don’t forget to oil your hair with coconut oil as in case your hair comes in contact with colours, then oil will prevent your hair from these colours.
  5. Moisturise well your skin with a good moisturiser so that colour could easily get removed, while removing colours.
  6. Use pure khoya for ghujiyas and all the eatries which are famous for having on this occasion.

Now, Let us talk about how to make our Holi actually Happy:


Enjoy Holi with OOFFRR

Well, our Holi can be celebrated happily in actual, if we follow the above stated do’s and dont’s. Besides that, playing Holi with your best friends, family and relatives will give you the utmost joy.


Eat Ghujiya in Holi

Cherish these moments with lots of Ghujiya (famous Indian sweet mostly made and eat in Holi) and immerse yourselves in the sweetness of Thandai (an Indian cold drink prepared with a mixture of almonds, cashews,  rose petals, cardamom, saffron, milk, and sugar).


Shop with OOFFRR

Also, you can head to the shops listed in OOFFRR APP with your family, friends and relatives for an eat out and shopping because nothing is better than spending your quality time with your loved ones on such a special occasion.

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