Super food to eat in spring

10 Superfoods that we should eat in Spring Season

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Winter has bidden us a warm goodbye. Spring has knocked the season’s door yet again. Our mothers have already started packing back our winter dresses and accessories. From now onwards, we will all get out of our homes in those light and breathable cotton dresses. Spring season embarks the journey of new beginnings.

Fresh buds bloom into beautiful flowers, green leaves sprout from the trees, birds start chirping the new spring song, it seems like earth has come to life again. The nature has all new and total different vibes in itself.

During spring, we should take care of our diet to prevent ourselves from the health issues which can be caused due to this major seasonal change. Here, we are listing down some superfoods that we should eat in Spring season to keep ourselves healthy.



Creamy and fleshy pulp with a peachy velvet coat, Apricot is a very delicious fruit and equally nutritious when dried. It contains vitamin A, phosphorus, potassium and full of cholesterol-lowering fibre. You can snack it with your daily bowl of cereals, salads and desserts.

Alphonso Mango:

Superfood Alphonso Mango

From the month of March to June, you all will get to taste a variety of mangoes. Among these, Ratnagiri’s Alphonso mangoes are famous as it tastes like heaven and it is healthy too. It boosts our immunity and vision. Also, these mangoes are loaded with antioxidants. Enrich your spring diet with these mangoes and a variety of recipes from it.


Superfood Walnut

An outer hard shell with a brain-like nut inside, walnuts contain Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, etc. Therefore, we also name it as the king of nuts. It is good for the human brain. Add these walnuts to your salads, desserts and cereals and make your spring diet a crunchy one.

Chia Seeds:

Superfood Chia Seeds

These tiny black seeds are rich in fibre, protein, calcium and micronutrients. The antioxidants, vitamins and minerals present in chia seeds help in skin regeneration and slow down the ageing process. Also it can be used to reduce weight if taken with water.


Superfood Ragi

Mainly used in South-Indian dishes such as upma and dosa, Ragi is a gluten-free superfood which is high in fibre. It is a great source of calcium and protein which also helps in reducing weight and a healer for diabetic patients.


Superfood Ghee

Normally used as a cooking medium in most of our houses, this clarified butter or ghee is full of vitamin A, E, and K2. It is also rich in oxidised cholestrol. Pour some ghee in this spring over your daily meals for better digestion and high immunity.

Black Rice:

Superfood black rice

Mainly grown in abundance in Manipur, Black rice is also known as Purple rice as it turns into deep purple in color when cooked. It is enriched with high fibre and minerals such as copper and iron. It boosts our immunity and prevents us from the diseases such as cancer and diabetes. All rice lovers should definitely add black rice to their spring diet.


Superfood Spinach

With 91% of water, 4% of carbohydrates and 3% of protein, Spinach is rich in iron. It is useful for our skin, hair and bones. We could intake spinach in various ways such as Spinach juice, Spinach with paneer (commonly known as Palak Paneer), spinach raita and we can also add spinach to our daily salads.

Red Radish:

Superfood Red Radish

A turnip shaped root vegetable, red radish are small, oval and round shaped often called as “Button Red Radish”. It has a solid, crisp flesh with an edible leafy tops. Both radish and their leafy tops can be used in salads. These are anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants and full of Vitamin C. Intake of red radish can prevent us from cancer.


Superfood figs

Enriched with proteins, fibres, vitamins and calcium, Figs are known as anjeer in Hindi. These are a good source of potassium which helps in controlling blood pressure. This fibre-rich superfood can cure the problem of constipation, skin infection and also helps in reducing weight. Please add this super-food to your diet.

These were some of the super foods that you should add to your Spring Diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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