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10 Food items you can enjoy in Monsoon

The scorching heat of the summers has been washed away by the refreshing rains of Monsoon Season. Yes, the monsoon has arrived again. There is some magic in this season that it changes the dullest environment into a vibrant one with the shining greenery all around. The aromatic fragrance of the wet soil and falling rains outside the balcony of our home definitely calls for some strong crispy and spicy food cravings.

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Here we are presenting you the 10 food/drink items which you can enjoy to the fullest in the Monsoon season:

1) Tea/Filtered Coffee

Tea and Coffee-OOFFRR

Let’s start with the items that we can sip bit by bit to enjoy this season. When the aroma of tea/coffee mixes with the wet soil fragrance, it just invokes your senses leaving you all refreshed than ever.

2) Bhutta (Corn)

Bhutta Corn -OOFFRR

Cloudy and drizzling evening and you are stuck in a Traffic Jam. No worries as you can find a bhuttawala on the roadside footpaths. The smoke of coal and a pinch of lemon on your bhutta works wonder.

3) Momo (Dimsums)


Dimsums or Momo is the same thing. We can take it in both ways either steamed momos or fried momos. These are the perfect evening snacks we can enjoy with our friends and family.

4) Maggi


Maggi, the name is enough to bring a smile on everyone’s face. It is enjoyed by persons of all age group. Some people prefer it by adding some veggies to it, some prefer it as soupy, but these steamy noodles are loved by everyone.

5) Onion Bhajiya / Aloo Pakora

Onion Bhajiya Aloo Pakora -OOFFRR

As the first shower of monsoon falls, our kitchens start smelling with the fragrance of onion bhajiyas and aloo pakoras. Its spicy and crispy flavors are enough to bring the whole family together to spend a perfect evening.

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6) Samosa

Samosa -OOFFRR

Samosa is the perfect Indian snack to have with your friends on a cloudy evening. The perfect spicy potato stuffing with a crispy and crunchy outer part are best taken with the tomato ketchup and green chutney.

7) Biryani

Biryani - OOFFRR

It is raining heavily outside, go for lip-smacking biryani for lunch or dinner with your office colleagues or friends. The perfect spicy flavor of the authentic biryani will make your monsoon even better.

8) Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji -OOFFRR

Stop by a Chaat Stall on rainy noon, and order yourself a spicy and mouth-watering Pav Bhaji. Pav is sauteed with the butter and pepper and Bhaji is the smashed form of all the veggies with the spices. Don’t forget to ask for extra butter on the top of the bhaji and some chopped onions.

9) Bread Pakoda

Bread Pakoda -OOFFRR

The wheat bread is stuffed with spicy potato stuffing, wrapped in chickpea flour batter are released into hot oil for deep frying. These crispy bread pakoras are best taken with the hot tea or green chutney.

10) Vada Pav

Vada Pav -OOFFRR

Vada Pav is the authentic snack from Mumbai but enjoyed by the people of almost all the states. Crispy Vadas are stuffed in Pav and are served with sauteed chilies. Rainy season can be best enjoyed with this power snack.

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Have a Happy and Safe Monsoon 🙂

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